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Flint Citadel Band (As of )

Bandmaster Matthew Rowland S.A. Service Extension Director

Solo Cornet Scott Holman* School Administrator
Ted Tolcher CMU Asst. VP, Planned Giving
Lauren Augenstein Teacher
Cheryl Thomas GISD Materials/Clerk Typist
Linda Larned Retired Nurse

First Cornet Richard Holman Retired Teacher
(Bandmaster Emeritus)
Lindsay Rowland Teacher

Second Cornet Bethany Augenstein University Student
Josie Himes University Student
Carol Burke Retired Teacher

Flugelhorn Debbie Holman Health Administration

Solo Horn Ruth Rowland* Retired Teacher
Cathy Wyatt Economic Stimulus Aide
Beth Bell Teacher

First Horn Major Ruth Tempel Retired S.A. Officer
Martha Bamford Probation Supervisor

Second Horn Don Clough Retired Music Leader
Herb McDougall Retired Skilled Trades

First Trombone Eric Bell* Teacher

Second Trombone Capt. Caleb Senn Corps Officer (Pastor)
Caleb Carter High School Student

Bass Trombone Larry Ward College Maintenance

Euphonium Andrew Bell Teacher
(Deputy Bandmaster)
Al Rowland* Retired Banker
(Band Librarian)

First Baritone Dr. Joe Simmert Pediatrician
Jaleel Williams University Student

Second Baritone Randal Smith High School Student

Eb Bass Keith Morton Metrology Engineer
Jim Smith Retired Engineer
Robert Augenstein WAN Administrator

Bb Bass David Bell Facilities Coordinator
Jim Howard Construction Technician

Percussion Steven Himes* I.T. Consultant/Graphic Designer
(FCB Webmaestro)
Catherine Holman University Student

*Denotes Section Leader