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Weekly Podcast

PodcastOn any given Sunday, the Flint Citadel records its morning worship service—or Holiness Meeting, as it is known in The Salvation Army. Actually, the practice of producing a weekly recording has gone on since the late 60's, through the miracle that was cassette tape! These tapes were delivered to shut-ins, members (or "soldiers") of the Citadel who have fled to warmer temperatures, missionaries and so on.

After a much needed technology upgrade, the cassette tape was made a thing of the past, and was quickly replaced by a distribution compact disc.

And now technology has evolved, yet again, to the internet podcast, and the Flint Citadel is on board and online! Each week we will publish a podcast of that week's worship service online on this webpage. All you need is software that supports podcast subscriptions, such as iTunes, for instance.

If you don't know what podcasting is or the benefits of podcasting, but are interested in learning more, open your favorite search engine and look it up. There are many websites that will educate you on the power of podcasting.

Get iTunes NOW!The Flint Citadel Corps Weekly Podcast is designed for use with Apple iTunes; however, you'll be able to enjoy our podcast from any podcasting program you like. If you don't have iTunes, you can get it here. It is a FREE program.

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(If you don't care to download iTunes and are in need of a podcast aggregator, you may find alternatives here.)

We are also registered with the following podcast directories:
Podcast Pup
Great site, with built-in player!
(coming soon)
PodcastAlley.com Feeds
Good source, but not too sure about their podcast player yet.
EveryPodcast.com Vodstock - The Vodcast Directory(coming soon) PodFeed.net
Podfeed.net lets you read and write podcast reviews, and listen to our podcast on their player. Also a link to share our podcast with others!
Digital Podcast - The world's best podcasts
Another fine podcasting directory. Built-in player and "share with friend" feature. You can also rate our podcast with the poll, below:
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